Custom Laser Cutting Services | Cutting Sheet Metal Services

With our top-notch custom laser cutting services, Weaver and Sons is able to meet precision tolerances down to .005″ or closer. Our superior laser cutting machinery is equipped to work with a broad range of materials. We possess two advanced lasers that feature fully automated material handling, including: a Bystronic 3,000-watt, 5′ x 10′ laser, which can cut plate metal measuring up to .5″ thick, and a Bystronic 4,000-watt, 5′ x 10′ laser, which can cut plate metal measuring up to .625″ thick. In addition, our laser cutting machines come equipped with auto nest capabilities and a fully automated six-station material handling system.

At Weaver and Sons, our laser cutting operations are located under the same roof as our other manufacturing services, which allow our expert engineers to easily fulfill our customers’ unique delivery and quality requirements. To learn more about our premium laser cutting technology or other material options, contact our company today.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Laser ConfigurationFlying Optics and CO2
Cutting Axis3 Axis
Intended Cutting Material (Metal)Steel
Stainless Steel
Intended Cutting Material (Non-Metal)Plastics
Cutting Thickness5/8 inch
Cutting Width5 ft.
Cutting Length10 ft.
Output PowerUp to 4000 W
Kerf.005 in.
Accuracy.005 in or better
Additional Services OfferedDesign Assistance
CNC Punching
Plasma / Oxy-Fuel Burning
Forming / Rolling
Industrial Painting
Industries ServedAgricultural Equipment
Aircraft Support Equipment
Machine Shops
Industrial Manufacturing
Support Fabrications for the Automotive Industry
US Government Prime Contractors
Industrial Standards MetAmerican Welding Society (AWS)
Mil-Spec Requirements
Quality SystemCompliant to Customer Requirements
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Production VolumePrototype
Small Run
Medium Run
Typical Lead Time2-4 weeks
Expedited Services Available
File FormatsSolidWorks