Cutting Sheet Metal | Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Burning

Weaver and Sons offers highly advanced oxy-fuel burning services. We possess a Hypertherm 100-amp high-definition plasma torch with scribe tool marker on a 5′ x 12′ table. We are also equipped with 100-amp and 200-amp plasma cutting systems, which hold four oxy-fuel torches on an 8″ x 20″ table. Our high-definition plasma cutting machinery additionally comes equipped with water tables that help keep away smoke.

With our oxy-fuel burning machinery, we can typically cut through material measuring up to 1.5″ thick. And, if the oxy-fuel torches are used, we can cut through material measuring up to 5″ thick. Thicker materials result in parts with rougher edges. Therefore, our oxy-fuel torches work well for applications requiring bulkier components with coarser edges, while our 100-amp or 200-amp high-definition plasma cutters can be used to create finer parts with more even edges.

Our high-definition oxy-fuel burning operations help strengthen our ability to provide clients with comprehensive, high-quality metal manufacturing services. To learn more about this advanced technology, contact Weaver and Sons today.

Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Burning Capabilities

Cutting Action Type200 Amp Plasma Cutting
Oxy-Fuel Torches (4)
100 and 200 Amp Advanced Plasma Cutting System with Oxy-Fuel Torches
Scribe Tool Marker
Free Hand
Cutting Axis3-Axis
Intended Cutting MaterialSteel
Stainless Steel
Cutting Thickness5 inch
Cutting Length20 ft.
Maximum Cutting Width8 ft.
Additional Services OfferedDesign Assistance
CNC Punching
Laser Cutting
Forming / Rolling
Industrial Painting
Industries ServedAgricultural Equipment
Aircraft Support Equipment
Machine Shops
Industrial Manufacturing
Support Fabrications for the Automotive Industry
US Government Prime Contractors
Industrial Standards MetAmerican Welding Society (AWS)
Mil-Spec Requirements
Quality SystemCompliant to Customer Requirements
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Production VolumePrototype
Small Run
Medium Run
Typical Lead Time2-4 weeks
Expedited Services Available
File FormatsSolidWorks