Cutting Sheet Metal | Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Burning

Weaver and Sons offers highly advanced oxy-fuel burning services. We possess a Hypertherm 100-amp high-definition plasma torch with scribe tool marker on a 5′ x 12′ table. We are also equipped with 100-amp and 200-amp plasma cutting systems, which hold four oxy-fuel torches on an 8″ x 20″ table. Our high-definition plasma cutting machinery additionally comes equipped with water tables that help keep away smoke.

With our oxy-fuel burning machinery, we can typically cut through material measuring up to 1.5″ thick. And, if the oxy-fuel torches are used, we can cut through material measuring up to 5″ thick. Thicker materials result in parts with rougher edges. Therefore, our oxy-fuel torches work well for applications requiring bulkier components with coarser edges, while our 100-amp or 200-amp high-definition plasma cutters can be used to create finer parts with more even edges.

Our high-definition oxy-fuel burning operations help strengthen our ability to provide clients with comprehensive, high-quality metal manufacturing services. To learn more about this advanced technology, contact Weaver and Sons today.

Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Burning Capabilities

Cutting Action Type 200 Amp Plasma Cutting
Oxy-Fuel Torches (4)
100 and 200 Amp Advanced Plasma Cutting System with Oxy-Fuel Torches
Scribe Tool Marker
Controls CNC
Free Hand
Cutting Axis 3-Axis
Intended Cutting Material Steel
Stainless Steel
Form Sheet
Cutting Thickness 5 inch
Cutting Length 20 ft.
Maximum Cutting Width 8 ft.
Additional Services Offered Design Assistance
CNC Punching
Laser Cutting
Forming / Rolling
Industrial Painting
Industries Served Agricultural Equipment
Aircraft Support Equipment
Machine Shops
Industrial Manufacturing
Support Fabrications for the Automotive Industry
US Government Prime Contractors
Industrial Standards Met American Welding Society (AWS)
Mil-Spec Requirements
Quality System Compliant to Customer Requirements
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Production Volume Prototype
Small Run
Medium Run
Typical Lead Time 2-4 weeks
Expedited Services Available
File Formats SolidWorks